Monday, March 31, 2014

Herb Garden and Flower Beds!

It's warming up!

That  means it's time to bring those potted plants back outside to soak up the sun.  It's also time to get some color in our flower bed!

First of all, I just found out about Rivers, a local greenhouse.  My friend, Tina, introduced me to them.  Thanks, Tina, for giving me a new place to spend my money!  They have a TON of plants and flowers to choose from and they are very helpful.  I love that they are a local mom-and-pop place.

We left with some petunias, marigolds, salvia,  verbena, and other plants whose names escape me.

Our dogs love the garden and when we turn our heads, they really love seeing how long they can prance around in it.  So, we bought some cattle panel and used tree limbs we had in our yard to secure the fence. 
I like that it looks rustic.

I made this sign to match the rustic fence posts.

I love Elephant Ears!  They are my favorite plant to date.  They are massive and beautiful and have no problem staying around and multiplying. 
My new baby

While I wait for my seeds to sprout, I got some lemon balm and lavender to make our carport smell fancy.  They are supposed to deter mosquitoes, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this cute way to set up my herb pots.  I secured the rebar in the ground and just stacked my pretty pots on their side.  I made another sign to match my herbs. 
This is what I see when I arrive home.  It makes me happy.
So, that was my weekend.  What did you do this weekend?  Do your dogs prance around in your hard work?  Are you growing anything?


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  1. Right now I have houseplants growing up we had a big family garden I kinda miss it hopefully when I get a house wil plant one someday love the idea thanks for sharing have a great day visiting from much a do monday.

    1. I know what you mean! When I was a child, I dreaded working in the garden. It's crazy how that changes over time! Have a great day!
      [What is the URL to your site?]

  2. Things are really looking nice at your house!!! You have done a great job and I love the pots and signs! I'm glad you like Rivers. We will have to meet there sometime. I about break out in hives when I go I get so excited. I have chocolate mint if you ever want some. Hopefully my dog didn't eat it. Stuff grows really well and smells wonderful! I need to get you some mexican petunias too. I'll try and get some cuttings tonight.

    1. Thanks, Tina! I would LOVE to get some chocolate mint and Mexican petunias from you! And, I do love Rivers now. We had so much fun!